Save Time, Write it Down

Author Headshot - Carmen
May 4, 2022

What would you do to ensure that you are in control of your time?

What if I told you all you had to do to stay organized and save time was by writing things down. It may seem like a simple thing, but writing things down is extremely valuable. Who doesn’t want to save time? 

Simple ways to save time by writing things down. 

  1. Reduce meal planning time by planning in bulk at the beginning of the week. 
    1. The simple habit of writing down the meals for the week can not only save you money but time! Meal planning keeps you up to date on what is in your pantry. It also guards against that afternoon brain block of what to make for dinner! If sticking to a meal that you wrote down on Sunday that sounds gross by Wednesday dreads you. Try sticking to a list of meals rather than a specific meal to each day. Write down seven meals for the next week and choose each night from the list! Get your kids involved, too! Making it a family affair is a fun way to get kids excited about what they are eating.
  2. Write down all appointments for the week and combine as many outings as possible to save time. 
    1. Begin every week by checking the family calendar. Plan out which day works to go out and get the majority of the errands done. This will leave you time to do larger projects at home without being interrupted!
  3. Never forget an appointment or party again!
    1. So much study has gone into how much writing reminders and notes down improve memory and reduces likelihood of forgetting important things. At the beginning of every week check the family calendar. Write down every lunch date, soccer game, and doctor appointment. Getting everyone on the same page is so valuable to good time management!

Just by simply writing down different things throughout the week you will be more organized. Being more organized will allow for more time to do the things you love and less time running in circles.

Try this for three months and get back to me! I would be so excited to hear how your daily routine has improved.

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