Choose replacement animals for your Mini Magnetic Animal Tin.

Photos of the animals are coming soon.


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Arctic, Dinosaur, Farm, Jungle, Ranch, Safari, Under the Sea, Wilderness


Alligator, Bald Eagle, Beaver, Beluga Whale, Bison, Black Bear, Black Horse, Blue Tang Fish, Brachiosaurus, Brown Cow, Brown Horse, Brown Pony, Chameleon, Cheetah, Chimpanzee, Clownfish, Cownose Stingray, Dachshund, Dimetrodon, Dolphin, Elephant, Fawn, Giant Panda, Giraffe, Golden Retriever, Gray Donkey, Harp Seal, Hen, Hippo, Holstein Cow, Humpback Whale, Koala, Komodo Dragon, Male Lion, Moose, Octopus, Orangutan, Penguin, Penguin Chick, Piglet, Poison Dart Frog, Polar Bear, Puffer Fish, Raptor, Red Fox, Red Panda, Rhino, Rooster, Sea Turtle Hatchling, Sheep, Siberian Tiger, Snowy Owl, Sow, Starfish, Stegosaurus, T-Rex, Triceratops, White Cow, White Goat, White Kitten, Wolf Cub, Woolly Mammoth, Zebra


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