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Get organized with the 2022 Ultimate Weekly Planner.

Everyday Clarity

Get a clear picture for every day.

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Own your tasks.


Prioritize what's important.

Do you struggle organizing your day?

Are you over-committing?

Are you spending more on trivial tasks and forgetting about the important things?

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You are designed to thrive!

Take control of your time.

Everyday Clarity

When you see the whole day at a glance it brings clarity to your day and calmness to your spirit.

Own Your Tasks

When you know what needs to be done it's easier to get started. Less wasted time getting started on tasks or projects will change your life.

Meaningful Relationships

Spend more time with the people you love. Schedule time for them and blossom them into the person they only dream they can become.

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Get Organized & Get Things Done

1. Choose Planner Style

Our planners come in classic and minimal. The weekly pages and the artwork is different between the two styles. The classic design is what we've been using for 10+ years and the minimal design debuted in 2020.

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2. Write & Review Daily

An organized life only comes by the discipline or habit. Write and review in your planner every day. Don't commit to meetings or add something to your schedule without first consulting your silent partner.

3. Live with Purpose

Living a purpose life happens when we prioritize people, projects, and things correctly.

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Writing in 2022 Weekly Planner

Not every day…

Not every day ends up the way we wanted it to go. Not every day is as meaningful or productive as we planned. But we're not throwing in the towel. Like you, we are getting back in the ring. Tomorrow is another day — and we plan to win!

"Have been buying this planner since 2016 because of the “classic” layout. It is different (and better) than anything else I have ever found…"


Organizing the 2022 Classic Weekly Planner

Classic vs Minimal Layout

The 2022 Ultimate Weekly Planner comes in two layouts: Classic and Minimal. While the monthly and note pages are the same between the two options, the weekly pages differ, offering two different full-spread layouts to better serve your own scheduling preferences.

What both share are thoughtfully selected motivational words for every week, and the ability to help you align every day with your ultimate goals.

The Classic layout has a weekly summary on the left-hand side, with space to record your priorities and tasks throughout the week, as well as brief notes for each day. This format works particularly well for those interested in having a broader view of the week ahead. On the right-hand side, you can go deeper into your schedule for each day, including Saturday and Sunday. See image below.

In the Minimal layout, the daily breakdown takes up the majority of the weekly spread, with plenty of room to record meetings, activities, and more for each day, including the weekend. You also have space at the bottom of the right-hand page for keeping track of things to do throughout the week, from household chores to calling a friend. This layout is perfect for anyone wanting to drill down into the daily details, while still preserving a bit of space for those broader priorities. See image below.


Common Question & Concerns

A weekly planner is too expensive.

A weekly planner is an investment into living with clarity and purpose. While there are many different weekly planners ours is designed with simplicity and usability. This gives you the framework to use it in a way that works best for you.

I don't know how to get started.

It's easy. Choose the planner package that works for you. Keep your planner nearby so you can reference it throughout the day. At the beginning of each day write down the important tasks or projects for that day.

How do I know if a weekly planner will help me?

The principles of writing down goals and tasks is well documented. You will experience more clarity and productivity depending on the level of commitment to using the planner.

When can I expect to see results?

You will experience an increase in focus and clarity immediately, but the real gold is experienced within a few weeks when you are able to look back and see how the life of you and your loved ones is different.

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