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February 21, 2023

I hit a slump.

Recently I found myself in a slump with cooking. Nausea and vomiting from the first trimester of pregnancy did not create a conducive environment for making good, hearty meals. In one last ditch effort to actually feed my husband good food I began cooking through the Magnolia Table Cookbook. 

The recipes from this cookbook are so hearty and flavorful. The ones that I cooked had little salads to go with them which helped get the veggie servings that were much needed. Cooking through the cookbook helped me get out of my slump and comfort zone. 

This got me thinking, “What are some other things that can inspire me to cook more.” I’ve compiled a list below that will hopefully help you if you ever find yourself in this situation.

 4 Tips to Inspire You to Cook at Home

  • Find your why. Health, finances, etc.
    • We live in town and when I am feeling uninspired it’s easy for me to just run to a restaurant and grab something to eat. When I remember my “why” for cooking at home it makes cooking at home a whole lot easier. My “why” is for health and finances both. We feel so much better on well-rounded home cooked foods. My wallet thanks me too.
  • Stop scrolling Pinterest and cook through a cookbook.
    • You read above why I did this. Seriously, give it a try when you are running out of dinner ideas. Make notes in the cookbook like a journal. This is for convenience sake, but also so much fun for your kids and grandkids to look back on.
  • Plan your meals.
    • You already know. Meal planning saves time, money, and your sanity! Don’t miss out on an opportunity to slow down. Meal planning takes about 20 – 30 minutes one day a week and a ton of stress out of the everyday.
  • Write down your family’s favorite meals and make them! 
    • When meal planning ask what your family is hungry for. Keep a running list of their favorite meals and make them often. Life is too short to only make them on birthdays or holidays. Your family will love this.
  • Call a family member or friend for inspiration.
    • If you read yesterday’s post on instagram then you know what I am going to say. Before there was Google, there was grandma. Don’t miss out on generational wisdom and experience because you’re reading blogs and scrolling through Pinterest. Grandma or mom can give you incredible advice for a lot more things than cooking. Little phone calls can also inspire other conversations that you won’t regret. Life is short. Stop reading this blog and go call your family.

I hope this gives you inspiration to get creative with your cooking at home. I would love to hear what gets you inspired in the kitchen!

Happy Cooking!

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