9 Benefits of Using a Planners

Author Headshot - Carmen
October 25, 2022

So you bought a planner but now it just sits in your junk drawer taking up space. 

You’re not much different than a lot of people, including me! In fact, just the other day I didn’t plan well and was running around last minute to get some things done. A friend asked, “Don’t you know of  a really good planner company?” 

Yes, yes I do. 

The problem with tools is that you need to pick them up and use them, not just buy them. 

Sometimes if I learn the benefits of a tool, I am more likely to use it. So here are 9 different ways that a planner can benefit you. 

Time Management

If you were raised at the end of the house phone age when there were phone nooks in homes like me you will know what I’m about to say. 

In almost every home we lived in as a kid, there was a phone nook. The essentials consisted of a yellowpages, notepad and pen, and a planner. It was the hub of the home. Bills piled up here and long phone conversations ensued. Who else remembers wrapping themselves up in the cord of your landline? 

We don’t have those spaces as much now in our homes. But find one. Make one. Create a space in your house where bills go to die, and your planner lays open. Make a habit of checking it each morning, or at least several times a week. 

Write down all of it, your appointments and dates with friends. Kids soccer games and meals. Say goodbye to forgetting those pesky tooth cleanings and say hello to good time management. 

Boost Productivity

Who doesn’t love a good productivity boost. Productivity feels a bit overwhelming in my head. It feels like I need to be constantly moving and never take in the world around me. This is not a good view of productivity. 

Rather than thinking that we need to be moving all the time and never stopping, we should begin to think about being intentional with our time. Writing down notes, appointments, and dates to remember helps us to be intentional. Then when we are aware of the big goal we can write to-do lists or small goals to reach the larger one. 

Pretty soon our homes are running like a well oiled machine of productive little minions and we never thought about it being “productive”. 

Less Likely to Forget Your Kids Birthday

You know this one. We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again. Writing things down improves memory, therefore we are less likely to miss out on important things in our lives and the lives of those around us. 

Health Benefits 

According to the American Psychological Association stress is linked to six of the leading causes of death in America! Y’all, that is crazy! 

Now I am not saying using a planner is like taking a magic no stress pill. I am saying that using a planner can greatly reduce stress and improve inadvertently improve your health. 

How to deal with stress: 

  1. Take everything to the Lord in prayer, casting all of your cares on Him. 
  2. Then get to work with the Lord’s help to organize your day. 
  3. Eat better and get more exercise. 

Get Outside and Have Fun

Managing your life well allows for space to do things outside of your routine that you enjoy. Enjoy more downtime with your kids. Go on a hike. Get creative. Visit a neighbor. 

Whatever you want to do you will have more time to do it, when you are intentional on how you fill out your planner. 

Record Core Memories

Planners can end up becoming journals and memory keepers over the years. Buy a polaroid camera and commemorate great and small memories and milestones. Then keep them somewhere safe to look back on all those fun times years later. 

Focus on Important Activities

One of the biggest stressors in life can be deciding what is a priority in every day. When we use our planners regularly we can write down and decide what is more important today. 

Using a planner gives clarity to everyday life and show gives a glimpse into how much time your spending on projects. They can also show you how long you have actually been procrastinating on different projects. 

Feel Accomplished

Writing down lists and crossing out list items is a truly satisfying experience, am I right?! Give yourself dopamine hits that actually matter by crossing off those lists instead of scrolling through the ‘gram. 

Studio 331 Planner

Some benefits to using the Studio 331 Planner is its simplicity in design. No fuss, just simple pages ready to be used so that you can live your most abundant life. 

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