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7 Ways Your Ultimate Weekly Planner May Save Your Sanity During March 2020

Author Headshot - Katrina Hoover Lee
Katrina Hoover Lee
March 18, 2020

Let’s face it. We thrive on routine.

We like our coffee pot to work, not just several times a week, but every single morning. If we want to buy milk at the grocery store, we like to know that we will be able to do so without difficulty. And toilet paper? Talk about a routine that Americans are ill-equipped to abandon. There are plenty of cultures that would thrive without toilet paper, but we are not one of them.

March of 2020 has thrown American routines into oblivion. The monthly breakfast at the local café cannot be carried out because dine-in eating is closed. Parents of school children who planned their day by the arrival and departure of a yellow school bus have lost the anchor to their schedule. Classes, meetings, weddings, and lectures have all spun out of orbit.

I’m glad I have my Ultimate Weekly Planner right now, as you should be. Why?

  1. Your planner might keep food on your table. I have an established weekly routine wherein I order groceries for pickup every Monday in the 12-1 slot. Not in March 2020. The order pickup services are running about a day behind. When I checked for times early one morning, I found that there were no pickup slots left for that day. Out came my planner and I wrote Check Walmart pick up, a day ahead of the time I wanted my next order.
  2. Your planner might help you make better use of the time that has suddenly opened. I had the word Wedding written this Saturday. Now, I’ve crossed it out, and written in Taxes, Visit Grandparents, etc. Hopefully my husband and I can make good use of this day.
  3. Your planner reminds you of the things that have not changed. There are still seven days in the week. St. Patrick’s Day still came on the 17th. You still need to eat each evening.
  4. Your planner provides inspiration. For the week of March 16-22, 2020, the verse at the top seems to have been chosen specifically for the COVID 19 epidemic. Look in your planner and see if you don’t agree.
  5. Your planner enables you to move tasks to the next month. Each month has a page for monthly goals. If the schedule gets too crazy in March, move some of the things you were hoping to accomplish to the “Goals for April” page.
  6. Your planner can reorient you. If you have more time because of cancellations, but you just feel confused and dizzy, look back at your previous months’ goals and notes to get your bearings.
  7. Your planner reminds you what is important. Your plans and schedule may have changed, and that can be painful. But there are things much worse than an upset timetable. Even though it seems difficult and annoying, plans can be adjusted. And with the Ultimate Weekly Planner, you will find it easier than ever.

Stay safe and sanitized!

Katrina will be writing more articles for Ultimate Weekly Planner in the coming weeks but she also writes regularly on her own website. Subscribe to Katrina’s blog at KatrinaHooverLee.com.

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