2022 Christmas Gift Guide

Author Headshot - Carmen
December 6, 2022

It seems that in our culture if you don’t have your Christmas gifts bought, wrapped, and put under the tree by December first you’ve procrastinated and need therapy. While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, there is a weird rush to get all of your gifts months before Christmas rolls around.

I was speaking to a lady from Ukraine at a market we did the other night. She mentioned how in Ukraine they wait until 3 days before Christmas and then everyone goes out to buy gifts. There are pop-up shops all over the city and by the end of the night the vendors are sold out of all their products.

This sounds so simple and relaxed and festive, and I kind of wish it was more like that here.

So if you haven’t completed your shopping for Christmas, don’t stress. Maybe this year your gifts could even be something that isn’t tangible, but rather an act of service or a day spent together uninterrupted.

Without further ado here are 6 things that I know most women will love:

  1. Purely Bees Candles – These candles burn so bright. They’re made out of beeswax and no fragrance so don’t expect a strong scent. They are my favorite candles in my house! The candlesticks are elegant in any room of the house. Mine move from the bedroom to the bathroom to the kitchen. Wherever I want them at the time.
  2. Electric Rechargeable Lighter – This is the only thing on my list that doesn’t come from a small shop. Y’all. This is honestly the best thing I’ve bought all year! The fire doesn’t come up and burn your hand when lighting a deep candle, you can recharge it when juice gets low, and its kind of kid proof. (Probably not entirely, lol) If you buy a candle buy one of these!
  3. Studio 331 Planner – If you enjoy planning and making lists, this planner is for you. Obviously we’re a little biased, but go read the reviews if you have any doubts whether you’ll like it or not. The planner is extremely sturdy and I promise will look good all year round!
  4. Eraseable Pens – These are Lucretia’s favorites and will keep your nifty little planner lookin fresh and clean for a long time. No scribbles or crossing out mistakes needed.
  5. Saranoni Slippers – Their blankets are to die for and these slippers look like you would be walking on a cloud!
  6. Saranoni Robe – This robe may be a bit pricey, but y’all, if walking on a cloud feels good then being wrapped in one would feel that much better! Try it!

Whatever you get your loved ones this year don’t stress about it. Remember gifts from the heart are more important than what you give. Give humbly, receive gratefully.

Only 19 days until Christmas and I couldn’t be more excited!

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