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10 Routines to  Manage Your Home Well

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May 10, 2022

1 Timothy 5:14

“So I would that the younger women … guide the house, give no occasion to the adversary for slander.”

I was listening to a podcast a while back that mentioned the idea that wives should think of themselves as the CEO of their homes. This verse in 1 Timothy seems to give the same kind of impression. How can we do this well? 

I’ve compiled a list of things that help me to run my house well. When I follow these routines, my life seems a bit smoother. My desire is that my home is a peaceful sanctuary for my husband and anyone who may walk in. 

Routines to Manage Your Home Well

Wake up at the same time every day. 

This is for health reasons as well as routine. Lately, my body seems to wake up before my alarm which is much more relaxing than being jolted awake by an alarm.

Fix Your Bed.

Something about having your bed fixed that seems to organize the rest of the day. Don’t ask me what it is, just try it. 

One Load of Laundry a Day

I work outside of the home 2-3 days a week and it can be difficult to stay on top of the laundry. I heard this trick from several different people and finally decided to give it a try. It is a lifesaver! 

Clean Up the Kitchen after Every meal 

Don’t let dishes pile up in the sink. Pretty soon there will be more than just dishes piled in the kitchen. The time it takes to put things away right away saves you time in the future.

Go on a walk at sunrise and sunset

Do this for a few weeks and you will see a dramatic change in your mental, emotional, and physical health. Even if it is just 15 mintues. Do it! Get moving!

90 minute work sessions

This one is newer to me but has been so valuable. I implemented it after reading the book Effortless by Greg McKeown. Set a timer for 90 minutes and get some deep work done. Then reward yourself with a fun 10-15 minute break. Go on a walk, have a dance party, sit and read. Whatever your heart desires. Then get back at it again. It’s amazing what can be done in a day!

Create 3 “Most Important Tasks” 

Out of your list of to-dos find the three most important tasks. Next, divide those into the 90 minute sessions. Then, out of the three, find the one worst one to do first. Learn to stop procrastinating on the worst projects. 

Have an Outing Day

This was a game-changer for me. The days I was at home and someone called, I could say no because this was my designated day at home. We are called to manage our homes and our time. If we are always running and neglecting our homes they quickly become the opposite of peaceful sanctuaries. Having this outing day gave me leave to be gone for a whole day, buying groceries, visiting shut-in neighbors, bible studies, going to the bank. You can fit more in a day than you think!

Begin the night before

When I was at home, my mom would pack my dad’s lunch every night before bed. Then she would set out the pan and spatula beside the stovetop so she could quickly make him breakfast before he left for work. She also always did the dishes and a quick clean up before bedtime. Learning this routine from her has benefited me in more ways than she knows. 

Read the Bible

Reading your Bible every morning and covering your life in prayer is ultimately the most important thing you could do out of this list. Put Christ first and even if the day is not what you wanted it to be there will be peace in each moment. 

Bonus: Have fun! 

I know this is a simple thing that isn’t necessarily a routine but it’s important to note. So often we get caught up in all of the routines and to-dos and 90 minute work sessions that we forget to enjoy the simple things. Do the hopscotch on the sidewalk, smell the roses, pick a bouquet, read a joke, dance. Laugh! It’s good for the soul. 

These are routines that help me. One thing I have discovered when reading books on home management is that something different works for each person. So feel free to try these little tricks or find your own thing that works better for you.

The goal is to help you guide your home in a way that works for you.

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